Podcast Episode 4 - Most Replayable Games!

Episode 4 of the Ombra Gaming Podcast is here! It’s a packed episode, filled with some great conversations.

We kick Episode 4 off with the upcoming release of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and some of the controversy swirling around its reception - as well as Bethesda Games’ response.

We also discuss some of the recent developments in Virtual Reality hardware - notably the recently-announced Oculus Go. We share some of our experiences with VR gaming, talk about where we see shortcomings, and cover where we’d like to see the industry go from its current state. We also discover that one of us is a VR bully...tune in to find out which of us it is!

The second half of the show is discussion about our most replayable games - the topic of the pod! Our listeners voted on Twitter for what they wanted us to cover, and we listened! We discuss what makes us return to certain games over and over again, and what increases replay value every time.

Thanks so much for tuning in again, and we hope you enjoy Episode 4!

Have an awesome week!

-Ombra Gaming

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