Ombra Podcast Episode 6 has Arrived!


Episode 6 of the Ombra Podcast is here! It's a great episode, packed with gaming news, industry event updates, and some great review observations.

We start the episode with Matt's thoughts on the recently-released PC version of Destiny 2. He shares what he likes, what he's not so hot on, and some changes he'd like to see going forward. We also discuss the announcement of the Curse of Osiris DLC, and the implications of of releasing paid content so soon after the initial release. Check out Matt's full Destiny 2 review here!

After playing about half of the campaign, Manny shares his thoughts on the release of Wolfenstein II:The New Colossus. He points out what makes the game so engaging, what gameplay mechanics take some getting used to, and why the characters are so impactful. From white-knuckle enemy encounters, to full-bodied story telling, Wolfenstein II has already left a mark on Manny. Tune in to find out why!

The second half of this episode covers the Topic of the Pod: Paris Games Week! Last week was full of big announcements from the world of Sony, and the Ombra Team is very excited. Steve leads a discussion on some of the new PlayStation titles and content teasers, and we chat about what we're most excited for going into 2018. So much gaming to be done!

Thanks again for all the support! Don't forget about our T-Shirt Bundle Giveaway with the awesome team at Insert Coin Clothing, and keep an eye out for some more awesome content!

-The Ombra gaming Team

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